Branded Saloon

603 Vanderbilt Avenue @ the corner of Bergen Street

TUESDAY, JUNE 3rd, 2014
(doors open at 7:50pm) 

and on the

FIRST Tuesday of Each Month


 "one of the best variety shows in New York...combines the zany edge of anything-can-happen-open-mike-nights with the sincerity of an artist-run loft space." Jeff Stark, Nonsense NYC

tinyDANGEROUSfun! is BACK!! with one of New York City's most unpredictable and up-close entertainments, one that kinda feels like getting in trouble in your friend's parent's basement. Over the past three years, tDf audiences have been flung into the bosom of world class physical comedy, burlesque, clown, drag, stand-up, music, puppetry, acrobatics, story-telling, coney island geek acts, performance art and other kinds of idiocy. The typical monthly show usually includes a core of insanely top-notch artists, one insane act that no one understands, one act that shouldn't have worked but ended up brilliant and some damn good audience heckling. Repeat: this is typical!!  It happens every month! We don't know why!! We dare you to subject yourself to the kind of beautiful stupid that we are cooking! Or better yet, SIGN UP TO PERFORM! We double dare ya.


B, Q: Get off at the 7th Avenue Station in Brooklyn and walk up the hill towards Vanderbilt Avenue - turn left on Vanderbilt Avenue - Branded Saloon will be on your right.

C: Get off at the Clinton-Washington Station in Brooklyn - walk towards Altlantic Avenue on Washington Avenue, make a right on Bergen Street - Branded Saloon will be on the left at the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue and Bergen Street.