Sat, Apr 21  10am-2:30pm
Sun, Apr 22  11am -3:30pm

Theaterlab Studios, 137 W. 14th St. btw 6th & 7th Aves.

What:  Clown/Improv Workshop

Who:  Taught by Andy Sapora.   The class is appropriate for actors, clowns,
improvisors, variety performers, writers, artists and anyone interested in
having better access to their creative impulse.

The primary purpose of the workshop is the proper maintenance and upkeep of our sense of play.  To do this, we'll place a strong emphasis on emotional safety while intentionally keeping the stakes of the game low.  With this as a foundation, we can usually overcome the hurdles of fear and self-consciousness that too often block both beginners and experts who aretrying to perform improv and clown.   The exercises, games and habitspracticed in this class can specifically help you to become more confidentin your own innate playfulness.  If you have ever thought that people whoare good at clown and improv are just born that way,  this class pulls back the curtain and reveals that even the elusive skill of "play" can be re-learned by anyone willing to try.  Through a fun, counter-intuitive approach, you will be able to discover a surprisingly tangible innerawareness that can actually improve your connection to your self, your partners, your surroundings and your audience.  This class can be especially inspiring for beginners and especially refreshing for seasoned performers who would like to bring more of themselves into their presentation.

Price:  $120

As a teacher, Andy is very nurturing, soft-spoken and gentle.  His quiet
approach lets students trust, allowing Andy to lead them towards taking
greater and greater risks.  By the end of the week, Andy’s humor, through
intuitive coaching, allowed the kids to take their impulses in unpredictable
directions.  He is an exceptional teacher as a result.
                                    -Andrew Dickson, Bolles High School Theater Program

"The workshop itself was wonderful, invigorating and supportive- but all of Andy’s ideas truly came together for me afterwards, when I was performing [in a] show.  Because of the work we had done with Andy, I felt myself able to relax and open up onstage in a way I never had before.  I was able to truly listen and respond to my partners, and to the audience- it was like time had slowed down, and I was able to be fully engaged in the present moment and make honest choices."
      -Chris Scheer, student

Andy performs regularly as a Flying Karamazov Brother and is a clown
and facility supervisor with Big Apple Circus Clown Care Hospital Clown Program.  He is also a founding member of the comedy music troop, The Maestrosities and co-host and co-founder of the monthly variety cabaret tinyDANGEROUSfun. He has been performing on stage since he was 10, street performing, juggling and clowning since he was 15.   He studied extensively at the  Jacques Lecoq International School of Theater and at the Belgian National Circus School.  He's taken workshops and master classes with Keith Johnstone, Bill Irwin, David Shiner, Steve Smith, Jeff Raz, Rick Davis and Ami Hattab. In addition to teaching privately, he has taught theater & presentation at both The New York Circus Arts Academy and The Circus Warehouse. He's also taught general circus skills and clowning with outreach programs of Big Apple Circus, Cirque du Soleil and with The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. www.maestrosities.com