One Handed Guitar Player

Animal Engine
Epic Prairie Love Story - with Music

Zero Boy
Vocal Acrobat

Twisted Tristan
Schooling for Grown-ups

Ghana Leigh
Performance Art

Sol Auerbach
Stand-Up Comedy

Performance Art/Burlesque

Glen Raphael
Sings Funny Songs


And now...
Shameless Plugs

Save the Drama!
LGBTQ Homeless Youth Forum Theatre Festival

May 17-19, 2013
Theatre of the Oppressed NYC presents forum plays, picnics, panels and more by 
three youth troupes at St. Luke in the Fields
487 Hudson Street, NYC 
(Christopher St 1 Train  or West 4th A, B, C, D, E, F, M)

Make Reservations
All events are FREE and open to public.

Big Doings

Doppelskope (tinyDANGEROUSfun's wicked step child) is already cooking up the next Existential Variety Hour with guest comedian Natasha Rothwellon May 4th!!!   And their next puppet improv show (SHRINK) is at the PIT on May 16th!  
Class with Andy Sapora!

TDF's own chaos muppet Andy Sapora will be doing one of his Clown/Improv/Play workshops one of these days TBA.  Watch this space for more information or email Andy at to be notified when it's actually finally gonna happen!
(This ongoing "TBA" workshop announcement has been running in these blasts for the past 5 or 6 months and yet no workshop. Huh? Just to see if anyone's paying attention, if you've read this far, and you're going to this month'stinyDANGEROUSfun!, please shout out, "Murgatroid!! My One True Love!!!" in the middle of something Andy is saying. It'll give us an idea of how many people are reading these announcements.)