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Hips Faster than Lightning

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Whatever Works!

Agnes Olmstead 

Alexander Spitfire
Traditional Sideshow with a Twist

A Girl's Guide to Glamour

Rush Hicks
The Human Rubber-Band!

Paul the Magician
Impossible Magic

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Vanishing Bandana Magic Trick

Shameless Plugs

Dixon Place presents
written & performed by Erika Kate MacDonald
From the award-winning creators of Fluid and Peg-ass-us, masters of queer storytelling Pack of Others present a “fierce and heartfelt” one-woman show about rapping, words, empowerment, and challenging the status quo.  Structured as a ten-step lesson plan for how to become a rapper, this rap and movement-infused story explores one nerdy white girl’s coming out/of age journey from New Hampshire hilltops to Brooklyn fifth-floor walk-up vistas.  With MacDonald’s “magnetic stage presence” and “wicked comic timing,” the rap lessons become a vehicle for learning how to listen, find your footing, secure your place in the world, and indulge your curiosity... boldly. 
Saturday, March 9th, 7:30pm
Dixon Place Main Stage, 
161A Christie Street (between Rivington & Delancey), New York, NY
Tickets available online or at the door:
$12 (in advance)
$15/$10 students/seniors and TDF (at the door)
Photo credit:  Veronica Lopez
Big Doings

tinyDANGEROUSfun's wicked step child is up to no good!!!  Their next long form puppet improv show (Shrink: Puppet Therapy) is on Feb 26th at the PIT- and they return to The Tank on March 9th with all new clown, puppetry and magic to collaborate with special guest burlesque sensation IRIS EXPLOSION at The Existential Variety Hour - Burlesque Edition!

Class with Andy Sapora!

TDF's own chaos muppet Andy Sapora will be doing one of his Clown/Improv/Play workshops one of these days TBA.  Watch this space for more information or email Andy at to be notified when it's actually finally gonna happen!
(This ongoing "TBA" workshop announcement has been running in these blasts for the past 5 or 6 months and yet no workshop. Huh? Just to see if anyone's paying attention, if you've read this far, and you're going to this month'stinyDANGEROUSfun!, please shout out, "Murgatroid!! My One True Love!!!" in the middle of something Andy is saying. It'll give us an idea of how many people are reading these announcements.)