Kelsey Strauch
Long Arms Contortion Comedy

Baron Otto von Tu
Otto's Improv

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The 'Speare Bearer
One Man Street-Shakespeare

Solomon the Peculiarist
Impossible Stuff Happens Impossibly

Adam Torres

PepperJill & Jack
Goofy Musical Duo

Michelle Mazzarino
whateva you say god all mighty

Alexandra Tatarsky
German Alchemist Relives Ecstatic Torments





The Maestrosities
The Coolest Band Ever

Andy's comdedy/music act has recently released their pilot television/webisode.  Check it outHERE!!
Big Doings

Do you want to visit tinyDANGEROUSfun's wicked step child and see how they've grown?  You can!  The duo will be improvising for 45 straight minutes at Shrink: Puppet Therapy on Jan 24th - and they'll perform BRAND NEW puppetry, clown, magic and music at the PREMIER of their new series - The Existential Variety Hour - on February 2nd!
In Your Face
by Theatre of the Oppressed NYC's Housing Works Troupe
Dialogue through Forum Theatre about the challenges of disclosing HIV status and interacting with the police.  
Wed Jan 30th, 7pm FREE!
HW Bookstore, 126 Crosby

Class with Andy Sapora!

TDF's own chaos muppet Andy Sapora will be doing one of his Clown/Improv/Play workshops one of these days TBA.  Watch this space for more information or email Andy at to be notified when it's actually finally gonna happen!
(This ongoing "TBA" workshop announcement has been running in these blasts for the past 5 or 6 months and yet no workshop. Huh? Just to see if anyone's paying attention, if you've read this far, and you're going to this month'stinyDANGEROUSfun!, please shout out, "Murgatroid!! My One True Love!!!" in the middle of something Andy is saying. It'll give us an idea of how many people are reading these announcements.)